Digital public affairs and online advocacy

Coalitions of support

Strategic campaign management, online advocacy, opinion measurement, issues identification, online government relations, e-lobbying.

Corporate communications and reputation managment

Digital communications

Policies, internal communications, corporate social responsibility, public and media relations, stakeholder identification, online engagement.

Crisis communication and issues management

Preparedness and action

Planning and preparation, training, monitoring, situational awareness, participant identification, issue and sentiment tracking, messaging.

Data analytics and measurement

Strategic targeting

Audience segmentation, informed decision-making, channel and content performance, conversion analysis, data visualization, insights and trends.

Community building and public engagement

Relationships and trust

Channel and content strategy, participant identification and engagement, community management, outreach, ambassador programs.

Social media marketing and communication

Paid, earned, owned, shared

Audit and assessment, multimedia content creation and distribution, mobile and tablet, user experience, information architecture and design.

Litigation and regulatory hearing support

Discovery and analysis

Online research and analysis, data and evidence gathering, participant identification, issues and themes, sentiment and trends analysis.

Research and analysis

State of the web

Online opinion and sentiment analysis, demographics and geographics, surveys and polls, segmentation, strategic recommendations.

Social media training

The way of the web

Message identification, writing and visual communcation, getting attention, rules of engagement and digital culture, measuring success.

Recent news and blog posts

  • FD-Featured-hill_from_park

2014 #cdnpoli year in review: MPs and Twitter

December 18th, 2014|1 Comment

Which MPs are the most active on Twitter? Which issues did they tweet about? Here's a look at how MPs used Twitter and were identified in tweets in 2014.

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Canadian federal e-petitions system one step closer to reality

December 15th, 2014|0 Comments

A new document suggests efforts toward a Canadian federal e-petition system are still moving along -- slowly yet productively.

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In case you missed it, the watercooler is now online

December 9th, 2014|0 Comments

Ten years ago, public uproar would have been confined to kitchens, coffee shops, watercoolers and taxis. Reputation management is now an online "game."

  • FD-Featured-bridge

Help us research the impacts of online harassment

December 4th, 2014|0 Comments

Full Duplex has partnered with Abacus Data to conduct important research on the impacts of online harassment/bullying. Please help us.